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basic information

Product Usage

1. Automatic control of fluids in an explosive atmosphere


Applicable place

1. GB3836-2000 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments" specifies explosive sites belonging to Class IIA, IIB, IIC gases


Performance characteristics

1. Explosion-proof form: Pouring type--The part which may generate spark, arc or high temperature during the operation of the equipment is encapsulated in the potting agent so that it cannot ignite the surrounding explosive gas.

2. Explosion-proof mark: ExmIIT4 Ex--explosion-proof product m--casting type II--outside of mine T4--shell surface temperature group

3. Medium temperature: T4≤130°C

4. Electrical interface: General--M14×1.5 Custom--G1/2

5. Take out the cable: 8, length ≥ 1M, in line with GB5023-1997 standard,

6. Protection level: IP65; BmZ511-25I24